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Recovering Nitrogen from animal dejections


Nitrate pollution of fresh surface water and groundwater in agricultural areas caused by livestock manure is one of the most significant environmental problems.

We recover this Nitrogen from liquid manure by a patented technology that enables it to be used as inorganic fertiliser and facilitates efficient processing for clean water.

Sustainable agriculture
Sustainability in farms and fertilisers
We recover Nitrogen and more


We not only recover Nitrogen from liquid manure but also Phosphorus and Potassium.

As a direct result we contribute to solving problems related to soil and underground water contamination.

Social impact
We have a simple solution


Our product, based on a patented technology, needs no energy source for the process and works under normal conditions.

Livestock operations and farmers have a new revenue stream.

Circular economy
Circular & sustainable 


By recovering Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, fertiliser companies will have a more cost efficient and sustainable circular supply chain.

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